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Live Riders, Tempo and Trucks Availability

To enable customer to get immediate goods carrier vehicles of all sizes on click of a button with focus on Hassle Free communication system with logistics partners with best and transparent commercials.

Bidding Facility for Planned Delivery

Do you have planned deliveries?

Then Garrud Bidding feature is for you. Create Bids for your requirements and get rates from more than 100 transporters in one click without talking to them on telephone for trip details or your requirements. Select your delivery date and window time (window times means within how much time you wants the rates) of the bid and truck owners will give their best rates by a virtual bidding race within themselves to get your business and best prices reaches you again Hassle Free.


MIS feature for Truck Owners or companies having their own trucks

To access your truck performance, Garrud presents you the MIS feature which will give you graphical and analytical reports for your own trucks from where you can find the fuel consumption, driver performance, trips per month and specially keep a check on your month expenses of your trucks. Hassle Free way to check on your transport vehicles expense's and reduce your monthly bills with a external agency report.

Safety Button for your Loved One's

Track your loved one's when they need you the most. Garrud presents Safety Button feature to enable your loved one's to share their locations to multiple people on one click when they feel to share their locations.